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Jean Marie:  Still Singing
A collection of 8 originals plus 5 of Jean Marie's favorite folk/Americana songs
- How Can I Keep From Singing 
- The Sister Song
- I Choose You
- Breathe in the Water
- Turn and Face the Sunshine
- On the Banks of the Little Twin Lakes
- The Field Behind the Plow
- Grandma Elizabeth
- Come By the Hills
- Somewhere Somebody's Waiting
- I Thought
- Angela's Lullaby
- Harbour Lights

Jean Marie:  Sing for the Children
A collection of 10 originals
- Never Too Old
- Always Be With Me (Donny's Song)

- Time To Grow
- I Have A Secret
- Sing for the Children
- We Give Thanks
- I Am
- Anthem (The Survivor's Song)
- Erik's Song
- Unto the Night

La Compagnie:  Vive! La Compagnie
A collection of 14 songs and tunes from the French Canadian/Celtic and Michigan folk traditions plus one original from Jean Marie
- Bransle de la Royne
- Habitant's Reel/Cold Frosty Morning/Swallowtail 
-V'la Bon Vent (Blow Fair Wind)
-Eddie LaPlante's Reel/Montreal Reel
-Captain's Wife
-Over the Hills and Far Away
-Madam LaFramboise
-Last of the Mohicans
-Log Driver's Waltz
-Belfast Hornpipe
-My Michigan
-Vive la Compagnie

EQUINOX:  Autumnal Equinox
A collection of Celtic fall-seasoned songs and tunes with pipes, fiddle, flute, whistles, concertina, guitar, bass, percussion and vocals
- Collerane/Calliope House/Banish Misfortune
- Same Old Man
- Fall Is Here
- The Raven
- Are You Sleeping, Maggie
- Far Away
- Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Piper Laddie
- The Curlew
- Reconciliation/Bonnie Dundee
- Foxhunter's Set (Pilib An Cheoil/A Dubh An Gleana/Foxhunter's Jig)

- Scotland the Brave Suite (intro/Captain Kidd/Scotland the Brave)

EQUINOX:  Summer Solstice Live
A collection from three live concert venues of EQUINOX in concert- vibrant Celtic music from stages across Michigan.
- Green Hills of Tyrol/Rakes of Mallow
- Swallowtail Set (Taimse im Claddaugh/The Butterfly/Swallowtail Jig)
- Whiskey, You're the Devil
- Anna Thayer
- The Battle Medley (After the Battle of Aughrim/The Battle of Aughrim/The Morning Dew)
- Morrison's Set   (O'Keefe's Slide/Morrison's Jig/The Road to Lisonvaarna)
- Merry Little Hop
- Itchy Fingers
- The Yew Tree
- The Reels (Reel du Montreal/Reel du Sherbrooke)
- Kesh and the Ten Pennies (The Kesh Jig/Ten Penny Bit/Ten Penny
- Here's A Health
- Mason's Apron

EQUINOX:  Lothian Sky
A collection of Celtic tunes and songs with EQUINOX's lush and creative arrangements.
- The Kesh and the Ten Pennies (The Kesh Jig/Ten Penny Bit/Ten Penny)
- Kads O' the Fair/Swinging on the Gate
- Kid on the Mountain
- Come by the Hills
- The Lothian Sky Set (Flowers of Edinburgh/Wind that Shakes the Barley/Drowsie Maggie)
- Ramblin'Rover/Staten Island
- Adam Lay Ibounden/The Bear Dance
- P Stands for Paddy
- O'Neill's March/Tralley Gaol
- Highland Laddie/The Kemperle
- Ye Jacobites by Name
- Sweet Maid & the Battle Medley (Sweet Maid of Glendaruel/After the Battle of Aughrim/The Battle of Aughrim/Morning Dew)

EQUINOX:  Wake the Dead
This band's first recording featuring traditional Celtic music in song and tune.
- Come by the Hills/Gloucester Hornpipe
- Wild Mountain Thyme
-A Aman's A Man For A' That/Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
- My Match It Was Made/Dunmore Lassies
- Green Hills of Tyrol
- Whiskey in the Jar
- Loch Rannoch/Mhairi's Wedding
- Si Bheag Si Mohr/Drowsie Maggie