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Jean Marie:  Lads on the Side

A collection of ten songs - 6 originals, 2 story folksongs, and 2 originals that need no words.    Folk & Americana feel with some Celtic flavorings!   Powerful and passionate vocals by Jean Marie Learman.  Rhythm guitar, bodhran and percussion by Colin Paige.  Upright bass, lead guitar and tambourine by Mark Szabo.  Fiddle and dobro by Jon Potrykus.

  • The Ballad of Augie Mattson
  • Pickles from the Jar
  • The Raven
  • The Captain's Wife
  • Green Grow the Rashes
  • Unto the Night
  • Belfast Hornpipe
  • I Miss Ya, Honey
  • Breathe in the Water
  • We Give Thanks

Jean Marie:  Still Singing
A collection of 8 originals plus 5 of Jean Marie's favorite folk/Americana songs
- How Can I Keep From Singing 
- The Sister Song
- I Choose You
- Breathe in the Water
- Turn and Face the Sunshine
- On the Banks of the Little Twin Lakes
- The Field Behind the Plow
- Grandma Elizabeth
- Come By the Hills
- Somewhere Somebody's Waiting
- I Thought
- Angela's Lullaby
- Harbour Lights

Jean Marie:  Sing for the Children
A collection of 10 originals
- Never Too Old
- Always Be With Me (Donny's Song)

- Time To Grow
- I Have A Secret
- Sing for the Children
- We Give Thanks
- I Am
- Anthem (The Survivor's Song)
- Erik's Song
- Unto the Night

La Compagnie:  Vive! La Compagnie
A collection of 14 songs and tunes from the French Canadian/Celtic and Michigan folk traditions plus one original from Jean Marie
- Bransle de la Royne
- Habitant's Reel/Cold Frosty Morning/Swallowtail 
-V'la Bon Vent (Blow Fair Wind)
-Eddie LaPlante's Reel/Montreal Reel
-Captain's Wife
-Over the Hills and Far Away
-Madam LaFramboise
-Last of the Mohicans
-Log Driver's Waltz
-Belfast Hornpipe
-My Michigan
-Vive la Compagnie

EQUINOX:  Autumnal Equinox
A collection of Celtic fall-seasoned songs and tunes with pipes, fiddle, flute, whistles, concertina, guitar, bass, percussion and vocals
- Collerane/Calliope House/Banish Misfortune
- Same Old Man
- Fall Is Here
- The Raven
- Are You Sleeping, Maggie
- Far Away
- Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Piper Laddie
- The Curlew
- Reconciliation/Bonnie Dundee
- Foxhunter's Set (Pilib An Cheoil/A Dubh An Gleana/Foxhunter's Jig)

- Scotland the Brave Suite (intro/Captain Kidd/Scotland the Brave)

EQUINOX:  Summer Solstice Live
A collection from three live concert venues of EQUINOX in concert- vibrant Celtic music from stages across Michigan.
- Green Hills of Tyrol/Rakes of Mallow
- Swallowtail Set (Taimse im Claddaugh/The Butterfly/Swallowtail Jig)
- Whiskey, You're the Devil
- Anna Thayer
- The Battle Medley (After the Battle of Aughrim/The Battle of Aughrim/The Morning Dew)
- Morrison's Set   (O'Keefe's Slide/Morrison's Jig/The Road to Lisonvaarna)
- Merry Little Hop
- Itchy Fingers
- The Yew Tree
- The Reels (Reel du Montreal/Reel du Sherbrooke)
- Kesh and the Ten Pennies (The Kesh Jig/Ten Penny Bit/Ten Penny
- Here's A Health
- Mason's Apron

EQUINOX:  Lothian Sky
A collection of Celtic tunes and songs with EQUINOX's lush and creative arrangements.
- The Kesh and the Ten Pennies (The Kesh Jig/Ten Penny Bit/Ten Penny)
- Kads O' the Fair/Swinging on the Gate
- Kid on the Mountain
- Come by the Hills
- The Lothian Sky Set (Flowers of Edinburgh/Wind that Shakes the Barley/Drowsie Maggie)
- Ramblin'Rover/Staten Island
- Adam Lay Ibounden/The Bear Dance
- P Stands for Paddy
- O'Neill's March/Tralley Gaol
- Highland Laddie/The Kemperle
- Ye Jacobites by Name
- Sweet Maid & the Battle Medley (Sweet Maid of Glendaruel/After the Battle of Aughrim/The Battle of Aughrim/Morning Dew)

EQUINOX:  Wake the Dead
This band's first recording featuring traditional Celtic music in song and tune.
- Come by the Hills/Gloucester Hornpipe
- Wild Mountain Thyme
-A Aman's A Man For A' That/Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle
- My Match It Was Made/Dunmore Lassies
- Green Hills of Tyrol
- Whiskey in the Jar
- Loch Rannoch/Mhairi's Wedding
- Si Bheag Si Mohr/Drowsie Maggie