Photos by Richard Mailloux 2018

Jean Marie and The Lads

Funny man, Burgess Meredith, was known to have said, "Wine, it's in my veins, and I can't get it out!"   

Well, we say,

"Music!   It's in our veins, and we can't get it out!"

This high-powered charismatic folk group draws from over 120 years of playing ecletic folk, lively Celtic, and Jean Marie's originals for festival, concert, and pub audiences.

"120 years!   Don't say that!   It'll make it sound like we're a bunch of old timers!"

Well, anybody looking at our photos will know we're no spring chickens!  But just like the blood in Meredith's veins, we can say we have matured with age and experience, and we bring all that together musically like a fine wine!

"Either a fine wine - or a bad vinegar!"

Hmmm.   Sounds like a tasting is in order!   Check out the sweetness of JM's vocals along with her flute, whistles and concertina!   Sample the crispness of Colin's rhythm guitar, harmonica and bodhran!  Relish the bounce and the drive of Mark's upright bass!  Coming soon with cuts from our new CD project, savor the spice of Jon's fiddle and dobro!

We think you're gonna like it!  We think you're gonna like US!

Jean Marie, Colin, Mark, & Jon


Photos by Richard Mailloux 2018

The Michigan Renaissance Festival stages are filled with the most talented and skilled musicians on the circuit, and Jean Marie & the Lads fit that description most emphaticially! Truly entertaining and gifted, a pleasure to listen and tap a toe to!”

— Maria Christian, Entertainment Director, Michigan Renaissance Festival

Pickles from the Jar - a Jean Marie original

VIDEO BELOW performed with The Lads at Thumbfest.

More about Jean Marie:

Her Songs Become Your Songs
Folksinger/songwriter - originals, folk, Americana, and Celtic

Jean Marie weaves threads of emotion and humor into a musical quilt that warms and comforts her listeners with her beautiful voice and lyrical phrasing. Whether singing ballads from contemporary songwriters, favorites from years past, or her own original works, Jean Marie invites her audiences to “fall into” her songs and become a part of the story themselves. Her great gift as a writer is to connect with each listener so that each song feels like it tells their own story.

Many music lovers across Michigan know Jean Marie Learman as the lead singer, whistle, flute and concertina player from the Celtic band, EQUINOX.   They have four CDs featuring traditional music from Scotland and Ireland as well as some offerings from contemporary songwriters in this genre.  She also plays and sings with the French-Canadien/Celtic band, La Compagnie.  They released their first album Vive! La Compagnie in June 2017.    However, Jean Marie has also been writing heartfelt songs about the connections with people and events in her life for over twenty years now. She has recorded two CDs, Sing for the Children and Still Singing with mostly original works. Presently, Jean Marie & The Lads are in the studio this spring working on a recording of originals, eclectic folk, and Celtic offerings!   To be released in early 2019!