Michigan Renaissance Festival

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Michigan Renaissance Festival, 12600 Dixie Highway, Holly, MI

Hear ye, hear ye! Lords & Ladies! It's Sweet Endings weekend at the Michigan Renaissance Festival! Come join Jean Marie & The Lads at the Three-Eyed Raven stage (which is next to the Throne of Swords pub) for some rousing Celtic tunes to celebrate this wonderful season! You can stomp your feet in time to the music while you hoist your beer in your right hand and your turkey leg in your left. We have 5 sets a day at 10:30, noon, 1:30, 3:00 and 5:15 - we are listed in the program as The Lads.....and there is lots of entertainment and food and vendors to enjoy!
www.michrenfest.com P.S. We have been at the Festival every weekend in September seven weekends in a row.....and this is the last chance to come spend time with Jean Marie & the Lads in the 2019 season!